5 Ideas to Make A Statement With Your Jewelry


Even if you don’t consider yourself a jewelry person, you likely still have a few pieces you love to wear. After all, there’s a reason people wear jewelry to enhance their look and spice up an outfit, but you can also use it to make a statement. While your usual jewelry might just be your wedding and engagement rings, other ideas could help you make a statement that will make people pay attention.

Big and Bold

Big and bold jewelry isn’t always suitable for your daily outfit, but there are occasions when it’s the perfect way for you to make a statement. From thick bangles to chunky rings set with gemstones, they are ideal for adding something different to your look, especially if you’re going out with friends for a much-needed night on the town. However, there’s a risk that too much big and bold jewelry comes across as fancy dress, so find the balance to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Combining Styles

Combining jewelry styles is another way to make a statement. Some people love to wear multiple necklaces that use different materials, such as gold and silver or even wooden jewelry. You can also find stackable rings that give your outfit much more flair than a single ring. This is a great chance for you to catch people’s attention without it feeling like you’re trying too hard. What’s more, you can gradually remove or rearrange the rings and swap hands if you need to, making it easier to keep your look fresh for different occasions.

Something Unique

Everyone has the style they want to put across to others. If you’re tired of looking the same as every other person you walk past, opting for something unique could be the answer. One idea could be a lip ring hoop like one of these to add something different and even help you reconnect with your rebellious side, however brief that was. Even if it’s not for you, your teen might feel like that’s something they are looking for, so it’s worth knowing the best products and care to ensure it suits them.

Precious Metals

Adding glamor to your everyday style can boost your confidence without feeling like you’re attending the annual ball. Precious metals like gold or silver can add subtle but effective improvements to any look and the simple fact they are precious metals means they can make a statement without needing to say much at all.

Special Occasions

Finally, it’s always worth saving some of your favorite pieces for special occasions. Knowing how to combine jewelry with formal wear is an art in itself, so anything particularly flashy–such as pearls or diamonds should only come out when you know there’s a chance you’ll have several (if not all) eyes on you. Birthdays, fancy events, and those exciting occasions with friends and family are always a great chance to bring out some of your statement jewelry to enhance your look.

Statement: Made

You might not want to attract too much attention to yourself, but some pieces are perfect for making a statement. Whether you feel your outfit is missing something or you want to showcase some individuality, these ideas can help anyone make a statement, big or small, with their favorite pieces.

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