“What day of the week is it anyway?”

We made it through another week of homeschool, Corona virus ( covid19 pandemic) social distancing and full quarantine for most.

We are all in this together!

Zoom time with friends and beauty

Saying Thank You to the front liners and Health Care Workers

Crafting on Instagram Live with Friends

We blast the theme song from High School Musical in our house right now, while we remind ourselves that we are safe at home. Our country and the world in this case has come together to keep as many people healthy the best we know how.

High School Musical Clip Watch and Sing along to lift your spirits! 🎶

Parents are doing a job that they’ve never done before….teaching their children as homeschool teachers.

3 K learning includes sharing how Dinosaurs can move downhill in motion

4th Graders and Remote learning

Whether you were a SAHM , Parent or working out of the home parent, a change to life that includes working from home, while caring for your entire family 24 hours a day becomes a INTERESTING.

Pre Corona Virus:

I went from working out of the home part of the day to caring for the family after school, going over homework, chatting about the day, to dinner then bedtime and late nights to catch up on other work to do’s , planning and possibly catching a conversation with my spouse.

Schedules matter:


Our day starts with an alarm clock ⏰ ringing at 8:30 am to wake up the kiddos for homeschool. Make breakfast, turn on my computer and find a quiet space to do 2-3 hours of work, until lunch time and then I’m back in the kitchen.


I Thank goodness that I’m not that bad at it.

There’s laundry duty, and circles of toy clean up ALL day. Crafts are a big part of our day as well as P.E. and lots of video zoom to stay in touch with the outside world, which we love so much.

Adjustments have been made to our schedule in order to keep us all safe and healthy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The mindset that we’ve developed in our home is to look at the brighter side and that is that we are in fact safe at home and not stuck at home. Yes, we do miss the hustle and bustle with friends, deadlines, appointments and events but if we all stick to what needs to be done here; which is to stay in and keep social distance top priority for now we will get through this.

There’s always tiktok on sunny days:

 You Can Catch Them Here!

We have a few more weeks of this new lifestyle so we will be back with an update on life during Corona virus.

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