We All Learn Together

With the current state of the world our job as parents may have taken on a whole new list of hats to juggle. We have been faced with a global pandemic due to Covid-19. There have been city closures, business closures and school closures across the country. Parents are working from home, cooking, and entertaining while also instructing and encouraging their kiddos in education.  Though we are uncertain as to how long it will be before things get back to normal and the world reopens, families and educators have come together to support our children.

Movements like #LearnEverywhere ; (Join) a Facebook group created by yes. every kid. was established to allow families to learn from one another. It is a community of caregivers who help one another while crowd sourcing and sharing resources to enrich learning for their children. The community has grown to over 11,000 engaged parents with continued growth as of April 15. Parents show up to the group ready to share their experiences, as well of questions to help them navigate through ideas in learning.

LearnEverywhere.org is the website where the social media community that extends from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn can go to share as well as submit their own content to help more families. The supportive community allows for parents to feel welcome when asking questions or looking for assistance.

I found myself spending time in the Facebook group looking for ways to execute my parenting and instructional style with the current expectations of educating. It was without reservation to ask questions and engage within the platform. The feedback and communication between the parents along with the helpful resources offered are immeasurable. All anxiety about being the main instructor of lessons and planning went out the window, after chatting about the encouragement of imagination and embracing talents.  This is something that we firmly stand by in our home, so why not incorporate it into the unique learning techniques.

Though every child and family are impacted differently, the resources and open platform offers a plethora of access to individuals. Everyone comes together to encourage one another that their solutions are acceptable and work  for them.

My approach to learning at home during the COVID-19 crisis has reached a point of ease. Knowing that LearnEverywhere.org is there to express challenges, ask for feedback, and receive professional resources from educators on the platform has helped be adapt and become more innovative. Educators, community creators and families have all come together to share just how COOL it is to learn and work outside of the classroom.

We are currently working on stem projects like building games and characters through code during this time. We would love to hear what passion projects your family or kiddos are currently working on during this time.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet all opinions and experiences are of our own. Thank you for supporting TwinDollicious & co

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