Visiting Universal Studios

What comes to mind for you when thinking about Universal Studios? For me it was always Hollywood movies and rides that replicate the action, fast paced thrill. Well if we’re on the same page then you’re probably thinking that 5 year olds would not stand a chance at rising on any of these adventurous roller coasters and experiences.

Well, my now 5 year year requested roller coaster rides and excitement for his 5th birthday and with consideration to his request we made it a blast! We also added in a few safety precautions being the state of the world right now.  This included the things we probably should not leave our home without – like masks (as seen in photo above) and Hand Sanitizer 

I’m listing the rides that he loved as well as the rides that he could not ride but…. if you did not know, there is a certificate that can be given to the little one that does not fit height requirement allowing them to come back at the necessary height with their pass and go straight to the front of the line. This a great frown turned upside down when Bash received the certificate 3 times. He has goals and will definitely be back to ride those rides

1. Hulk

2. velocicoaster in Jurassic World

3. The Mummy Ride

However he did enjoy all but one ride and was brave enough to make it to the cart and say, mom I don’t want to ride. The one ride that scared the hebeegeebees off of him was the KONG waiting area. The waiting areas are the most entertaining at times. Whether there are

movie previews , video recordings of interactive characters to entertain as you wait. This time the skulls and creepy characters freaked him out. So we moved on to the Pteranodon Flyers….. which he loved!

His top 7 rides during this trip to Universal and Island Of Adventure included

1. Spider Man

2. Harry Potter rides Hogwarts Express and the Forbidden Journey – in (island of adventure as well as Universal STUDIOS)

3. Transformers

4. River Adventure

5. ET

6. Jimmy Fallon

7. minions

If you’re traveling to the park for a birthday don’t forget to pick up the birthday button! It’s so worth the excitement to wear it and possibly get a few treats!

Our orlando trip was so amazing and a 5th birthday to remember . From our stay with Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts to the daily walks around the Universal parks ; Visit Orlando . It’s highly recommended to give your 41” kiddo the experience!

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