TwinDollicious Holiday Gift Guide


Yay! The holiday season has begun!
One down and more to come!
We love this time of year because not only do we begin preparation for Birthday festivities but we began hunting for the most awesome gift ideas for V & K and now Bash!
This year we’re bringing you a holiday haul gift guide that includes gifts that not only the children will love but the parents will love even more! Win/Win 💯
We have spent the past few months attending events and meeting new brands just to build this list of the SUPER 6.

  1. Simplay3 : Water and Sand Bench // Made of the most durable material with such easy assembling pieces that instructions are barely needed. The kids are able to get right to playing and finding the perfect place for their new activity bench. We love it so much we included it in our festive fall blog along with fall photo shoot.  NYC apartment living must have for children! It fits so perfectly on the balcony for outdoor days, can double as a toy chest during the colder days and keeps the little ones comfy with their own personal seat at all times!

FullSizeRender (57)
2.  MAM Gift Set // This gift set is such a great starter for any one who may be expecting and not sure on which bottle brand will best fit new baby.  MaM is best known for their less colic and regurgitation design.  Not only will the design be a beautiful gift but the gift of helping a new mum feed a baby with ease will be so appreciated.
3. B.Box Smock Bib // This wonderful bib can take a child a long way.  Not only will it be a perfect handy product to have while your little one is learning how to eat on their own in the high chair, but keep it in a safe place for use once he/she wants to spend their time in front of the easel.

4. We’re actually taking our number four to once more with their diaper caddy ! We don’t usually do this but with the high quality make, feel and function of this product we had to share. There are 2 deep drawers and storage drop in space for mums needs and babies toys; just to keep them busy while easily changing on the included diaper pad!

5. Our number 5 was exclusively chosen to be listed by V & K!  Being that they’re newly second graders they are learning a lot about geography in social studies; which is becoming their favorite subject.  (Could it be because we love to travel?) The Silikids Foldable Silicone USA placemat // This fun place mat can travel with you or be used for everyday life at the kids table. We just love products that are good for more than one use.

6. Number 6 is a favorite of mine! As a mom of 6 year old twins I now am faced with the start of clothing/stuff wars. Though the girls enjoy sharing things together they also have the same style. The awesome company Stuck On You has the most adorable & comfortable must have pajamas, that are PERSONALIZED! Watch our fun holiday Video HERE to see how the girls styled their pajamas to wear in the video and the whole day!
If you enjoyed reading our gift guide ideas please comment below! We would love to hear if we were able to add any of our favorites to your list. Also, your comments will gain you a free Starbucks drink on us..(Limited to first come first serve) 💕💕
Enjoy our Holiday Video ✨

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