Thing to do with the kiddos in Summer 2022

There are approximately 8 weeks of Summer!

Before you know it will be ready for back to school and the Summer of 2022 will be in the memory books. Let’s create some good memories by planning the next couple of weekends out to be filled with fun!

Our first recommendation is Liberty Science Center. It’s the perfect location between the suburbs and the city for anyone whose lives in; or visiting the tri-state area

Great Falls Virginia

Quality time is everything and sometimes kicking your favorite outdoor activities into high gear means traveling to a park.

At Great Falls, in Virginia you can Enjoy the falls and a great day of nature . Try some hiking, mixed with a good picnic or golf like we did!

Storybook Land New Jersey

Camp (NYC) Camp Store tickets

The interactive store where some of your favorite brands and toys find a home as well as an experience is at Camp Stores.

One admission allows for your kiddos to enjoy and endless amount of fun. It’s a day well spent in NYC.

Columbus Circle 
The Shops at Columbus Circle 10 Columbus Circle # Suite 202 New York, NY 10019

** Travel to Boston either via train or on a road trip **

The approximate 5 hour road trip can be filled with great sight seeing and delicious rest stops on your way to this beautiful water filled city. A weekend may be all you need to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, walks along the waterway, yummy restaurants as well as park visits for the kiddos to enjoy the fresh air. This is pretty much our plan beside a must stop to the CHEERS restaurant to complete our close to home getaway this Summer.

To all of my mom’s reading this post ….my advice for you would be to book a girls day with your adult friends. Make it a sleepover, night out of dining or hitting a concert.

I cannot recommend this more. After 11 years I finally did it and enjoyed every second. All of my thoughts on worrying about the kids were at ease.

It may have been partially because the girls are 11 years old and I’ve had the seasoning of a mom. For whatever reason I was able to be myself by myself and it felt so amazing to visit the Hamptons Vineyards as well as venture off to a music festival (Palm Tree Festival)… all filled with friends, family and love.

NY/NJ beaches – Experts have shared that Vitamin D is best received when at the beach.  As much as we all would love to follow this prescription and spend tons of time on the beach, we are aware that life happens.  However a trip to the beach at least 3 times during the Summer is perfect for the soul. From the beaches of Hamptons, NY to New Jersey Shore your sun kissed recommendation will be fulfilled.

We are looking forward to an upcoming trip to Sea World Orlando.  Though we have traveled to our favorite state of Florida numerous times….this will be our first trip to Sea World and the entire family is super excited!

We highly recommend saving the Summer Finale for a destination trip.  Consider taking a nice long, one week vacation to your favorite place like Disney or visit a new destination for the first time.

It is usually the best ending to Summer, which resets the mood and allows for easy transition to the fall.

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