The pros and cons of local vs international travel with kiddos

Why stay local when you can possibly travel all over the world with your family? After our first international flight over 8 hours I wanted to answer a view questions we’ve received. I also wanted to share how we approach traveling as a now family of 5; that includes points on why local travels can be just as fun as international travels. Think about the reasons why you’re traveling when planning your next destination. I hope that this will help you When choosing your next family vacation.

There isn’t a right or wrong reason to travel local or international; it all depends on your lifestyle. It’s also great to encourage parents to be brave and live the life they envisioned for themselves with their children. In fact I wanted to share some pros and cons of traveling local vs international with kiddos after experiencing both many times within the past 9 years.

Let’s start with the Pros of traveling local

— When traveling to your favorite local destinations such as short weekend getaways, staycations or road trips you’re in the groove of a routine. You may have your favorite restaurants that you’re looking forward to dining at, or favorite shop, locals (anyone you’ve met and continue to see when visiting) neighbors etc.

– Your time spent at your local destination is less structured with things to do unless you’ve packed in a schedule or to do list.

– You are more than likely to find anything that you may have forgotten at home at a local store.

– Travel time is usually short and sweet,; or at least within a time frame where the kiddos are able to entertain themselves or each other

– If an emergency shall occur( which we would never want to happen…. but preparation is key) you are able to head home the fastest way possible.


– You are still on the grid when traveling local and those work or possible emergencies can find you

– The possibilities of discovering something new are minimal

– You can tend to forget that it is vacation because it is familiar … unless of course it is truly your happy place

We can truly say that Palm beach, and Miami are our happy places in our family when traveling local

Pros of traveling International

– You’re more than likely to be off the grid, therefore travel wisely with an itinerary of adventure set in advance

– You will be able to experience something new, such as culture including food, people or lifestyle.

– Discover something new about yourself, your spouse or your kiddos. Embrace the world through new lenses … it’s magical.


– We all worry about emergencies ( tip: its best to have an appointed bff or trusted family member who knows your where about(s) as well as an emergency to do list left at home if needed) …. this will help keep your worries at ease

– Travel time can exceed the limitation of patience and regular routine for the kiddos; especially toddlers. Our go to is a favorite snack, toy , highly desirable gift to unwrap. It’s also great to note that travel during sleep time turns this con into a 50% pro

– Culture, food and lifestyle can be an adjustment if allergies are a factor.

– Your local drug store may be unavailable so pack wisely

– Speaking of packing; there may be a chance of overpacking just for precaution to have everything you need handy.

The best part of international travel for us is the new adventure, culture and food!

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