Teaching the lifestyle of less distractions

You know the old saying we all have 24 hours in a day and it all depends on how we spend it, that leads to what we feel our time is worth. Well if you haven’t you’ve heard it here first :):)

The first sign of a good distraction – books of knowledge

Ever since I was able to travel alone locally (which may have been a younger age than I would send my kiddos out … times change) I would spend time alone finding new places to explore, applying for jobs that were way out of my league; yet knocking the ball out of the park and meeting new amazing people that can teach me something new.

I’ve never taken my time for granted; some may say that I extend my 24 hours. somehow at this early age I also learned how to respect my time. I grew from taking in the quiet and learning from what was surrounding me (good or bad) as well as how to handle and over come from it. With this I’ve grown to live a life that sometimes removes me from family and friends (yet it could be a zodiac Leo thing) yet I always return to say I’m here if you need; but don’t forget I enjoy growth in my 24 hours.

When it comes to my life as adult I’ve continued to follow the same guide lines. These guidelines are sometimes crossed with distraction and it all measures on how the distractions are handled.

1. Work can be prioritized with a checklist

2. Family can also be prioritized with what is most important from health to need to want. Never feel guilty about your time. Your husband, children and family outside of your home will appreciate the happiest you; that is willing to assist or attend if this method is respected.

3. Friends can and will most likely understand what your schedule is and seek in necessity or just to check on you. Usually when you both need it most.

Knowing all of these perspectives have helped me prioritize the importance of turning a blind eye to distraction. At times when I think it may be too early to have certain conversations with my kiddos I realize that if it isn’t me (or dad) to teach them then someone else will and most likely in non rewarding way. The topic of distraction may not be so interesting to 8 and 2 years olds but explaining how we shall value our days in the world that they seek enjoyment out of was fitting.

1. taking a time out to relax at home can be fun

2. spending valued time with your siblings creating helps you grow together

3. keep friends that are kind and speak about kindness and learning something new

4. adventure awaits when you open your hearts and minds to good things

5. remember to be thankful for each day you’re blessed to attend school, receive an education and do what ever it is you want to do in life.

6. stay on the path that feels best for you… everyone will have an opinion but the life of less distractions is the one most fulfilled.

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