Quarantine Life vs Pre-Quarantine Lifetime

Will things ever be the same?

That is the big question circulating on many news reports as well as in homes.  Life just may not ever be the same. How can we do or part to keep life as normal as possible for our families when there has been such a drastic change to our lifestyles? We are practicing #Faith Over #Fear.  Our family is practicing this more than ever since the Covid -19 has hit our home and we are in full quarantine for 13 days now.  The Corona Virus has hit many homes and families in different ways; and some are not as fortunate as others.  As we approach what the professionals say to be the end of the virus cycle I wanted to reflect on how life turned upside down since the start of home school, social distance and NYC on pause…which has now been 33 days in total.

I also wanted to share that due to the fact that we had jobs running to finish hospitals and front line work facilities, there were a few hours of the day spent out of the home.  However we are so grateful that everyone began to spread the message of social distancing, stay home to save lives and our city was put on pause.

Life before Quarantine looked a lot like this……..

Daily Routine:

Early morning rise for school and work in the office
A Starbucks Run
Sitting at a desk checking emails, editing, zoom meetings, lunch meetings, Live events, outdoor creative activation(s).
After School Pick up: Homework
Bed time routine



Mom Life / Work Life

Attending to school schedules
Attending to after school schedules and activities
Occasional work mom meet up
Day / Night Meetings
Family Travel
Holidays with family and friends
auditions for the kiddos

Personal Care / Self Care:

Hair appointments
manicure and pedicure dates with the girls
occasional spa day
Daily face scrub post makeup
Dressing up for events; styling the tribe and being TwinDollicious….. Just as we usually do.

I sat down over the weekend to reflect on how things are different, just to analyze if there were things that we were missing prior to putting the world outside on pause and spending more time as a family of 5. It turns out that quarantine life fits us pretty well.  As I may have said before, V has always wondered what it was like to be home schooled and she is an A student at it.

I personally have not slept through the night for 8 hours in 9 years. The silver lining perspective other than actually getting ill from this horrible virus is that home is where the heart it and we tend to forget how important it is to harvest our homes and the people that live within it to make it a home.

As much as we all love our great big, fast paced NYC we must stay in. This current state of the world shall pass with the belief in faith; we will get back to that life we knew.  However I am hoping that we can add some change to it.  I would prefer an online meet up and consultation every now and again, actually more often opposed to running and missing family time or much needed home time over traffic.  The business 360’s we have all witnessed is real. The world can run from the comfort of our homes or home offices. This is especially if your business is based on service, teaching, & connecting without physical connection. The quarantine life routine below explains more on why life can use a bit of adjusting when the world opens up again.


Quarantine Life:

Daily Routine

-Wake up at 8:45 am for home school
-Set up WFH schedule, calls and zooms
-Bring up remedy tea (ginger, chamomile, honey, lemon and tumeric) and breakfast to Kenny since he is currently in his own area of the house.
-Get work done
-Bash does home school check in and an activity
-lunch – same delivery
-zoom meetings for the girls or P.E. all together
-tidy up/get dressed for back yard play or any video creative content or activity
-snack delivery to kenny re-up of tea/ temp. check
-Get Dinner ready
-Screen time (We’re are loving ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy and ID tech for game creations)
-Bed time routine which includes story time.

Life Style

Family time
Cooking with the kiddos
Dancing with the kiddos
Learning how to tik tok thanks to the twins
Checking in on friends and family
💫Helping out our neighbors and any one we can with uplifting words, tips, messages, accessible resources that we can share.

No Travel

Holidays at home

Yet safe at home

Personal Care/ Self Care

-P.E with the kiddos
-More time to talk and listen to ALL of the stories the kiddos have to tell
-Taking Masterclass and development refreshers
-Taking walks
-Joining online workouts (social media has been a dream of opportunities with all of the freebies)

-Self care grooming and beauty make overs by the twins.

Easter 2020



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