New Year, New Age, New Adventures …Let’s Go!

Hello January 2022!

V & K turned 11 years old at 10:17 and 10:18 pm on 12/31/2021.


– We were able to bring in the New Year in a happy quiet way; if you’re not counting the AMAZING 💥 firework displays outside of our balcony!


– Here are some intentions that we have for 2022… aka the year of “unknown” for me. I say this with pure optimism. I am ready for all of the good unknown to show up for the new year moving forward. I believe that every human or life like being walking this earth deserves that right now. With that I made speaking the worlds grateful and community a huge part of my vocabulary. I will continue to practice these words in order to bring the abundance of gratitude into my life in order to share and spread with others. The community part will continue to flow naturally as all good intentions and opportunity to give with by graciousness flows in.

It has always been a huge belief of mine to start the new year with a mood, environment and good things that you want to surround you. I made the phone calls, spread love to the neighbors, hugged and kissed my family ( children and husband) .


In the most manifesting way I picture myself surrounded by a community of people that lift each other up, fill the buckets beyond the gallons with information and fueled passion to keep going n growing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up with THAT much energy!

Seriously, stating that I graciously intend to take the actions to place myself and my family with a covering of abundance and blessings. With this action there is work. We and you, should be ready and willing to do the work if the end goal is promising and joyful. Let the work include therapy, dedication, commitment, consistency and we shall see the fruitful growth!

As much as I believe that January is practice for the new year.. I am celebrating the announcement of signing to a literary agency! Yes! I am moving in the direction of trusting the work of others. Allowing them to create the magic they can while we work together. “Team work makes the dream work” I am excited!

Now Take action.. let’s’ go!

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