Moving Day

Over the past 3 years Real estate has been quite an interesting thing to follow. It was the pandemic that led so many people to seek shelter in places and homes that gave them more space.  The indoor and outdoor space was super essential. From NY to LA , East to West.. it doesn’t matter where you were the market and competition to find your perfect home was a hit or miss situation. The market was so saturated with buyers and sellers all at the same time, however without enough balance to give everyone a fair chance or opportunity to find the home that fit them best.  I am sure in the coming years many people will be relocating because of the quick decisions they made in order to make a move.

The move-bug hit us during this time.  It did not hit us in the beginning of the pandemic but it did hit us.  We began looking for homes that would fill all of our cups.

The new home that we sought was to hold something special for everyone.

The list looked a little something like this…

  • garage
  • gate (for a dog)
  • yard space
  • a bedroom for everyone
  • safety (a bit of seclusion)

The house did not show up and we continued to look until a friend reminded us that she would be selling her home soon. We thought about the work, move and lifestyle change and decided to say yes to the house.

This blog post is being published at a time where we are still in the phase of making the deal 100% complete, but we did have the opportunity to work with an amazing moving company.. The Cool Hand Movers Moving Company 


This amazing moving company is local in NYC…Brooklyn to be exact.  The day of the move the kiddos and I were prepared to help with whatever was required of us to do.  The crew was in complete attendance with a note pad and outline of all of the work that was going to be done.  The organization was super impressive and the only assistance that was allowed was for the girls to direct the crew to a parking spot in front of the new house. The time and team work was impeccable. Each piece was perfectly wrapped and unwrapped at the location.

The most impressive part of the work was the time, it took to complete the move.  The team worked together to pack the truck strategically.  Every item from dining room set to a box of keepsake pieces and toys were handled with care from start to finish.  The team of staff or as Bash called them Cool Guys were super friendly and patient with the kiddos which was an enormous plus for parents. We are so thankful for their experience and would love to share the code Move Day for anyone looking to move and receive 10% off the total quoted price.

Best of luck to anyone looking to relocate to a new home.

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Size guide

Size Waist Length
12-18 Months 18" 8-9"
2T 19" 10"
3T 19 1/2" 10"
4T 20" 10"
5T 20 1/2" 10 1/2"
6-7T 21" 11"

Youth size guide

  X-Small (YXS) Small (YS) Medium (YM) Large (YL) X-Large (YXL)
Chest 31 34 36 38 40
Width Measurement (inches) 15.5 17 18 19 20
Length Measurement (inches) 19.5 21.5 23 25 26.5
Size Equivalent 2-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 16-18