Manifested Our Recent Move And Home

We all know that moving can be a bit stressful. So I’m here to share the best parts of moving while committing to renovations, living in the home and raising 3 kiddos and running a business!! Woot woot Ready?!

Planning your move and renovations can be the best thing you do, if your family’s schedules are easy to plan out. It’s best to know if your family will thrive if the move and renovations are happening during a time of the year when there are heavy routines and schedules. For us the best time of year was at the end of the school year, straight into Summer.

I must add that the time of year can possibly make a difference in how the move, renovations and transitions for the family will go. It’s also best to take into consideration that we cannot plan everything out perfectly.

In our experience we had major set backs in time before our move actually happened.

A little back story to our recent move includes a lot of manifestation and connection to the community.

We honestly did not have a plan to move, so setting a schedule and carving out renovations did not come with a plan book. We actually received a phone call from the previous owner; whom I knew because of community. My relationship with the previous owner was connected to her mom who lived beyond her 90’s and happened to have been a neighbor of mine. In having relationships with people who are neighbors and you genuinely love thy neighbor as you love thyself is such an important way of life.  We knew that the phone call was to share that she was ready to sell her home; a home that I had admired for years.

Just take a moment to re-read that last sentence and let the work of manifestation sit with you.

We began setting plans in motion and finally found the road that had already been carved out for us to come to a close. It was such a beautiful day for our entire family. The kiddos were happy to drive HOME on the last of school to the New Address.  The new address that we knew would fit our family and lifestyle with a few changes..

This is where renovations come in. Our plan is to do renovations in 5 steps at a time because we are a family with heavy routines, travel, and running businesses.

1. Before renovations began we sat down as a family of 5 to establish that the majority of the Summer would be spent at the new house, dedicating time to work in order to get the house done. We sat still with the blessing of the new home as is.

2. The plan to begin renovations included a beginning, middle and end. For us the best beginning was to start in the main parts of the home. We began in the kitchen…which is why you may have noticed the grill /BBQ life happening so often .

3, The next portion of renovations started from the floor to the wall. It made sense to secure the floor plan and then the actual floors with electrical and plumbing running slowly after.

4. During this current phase we reintroduced our architect with the changes that we have settled on making permanent in the home.  Having an architect is not always necessary however when dependent on your community and scope of work you are performing.  Sometimes simple changes, such as a window install may require an architects permit and buildings department approval.

5. As we come closer towards back to school season, we are in an organizational phase of renovations.  This phase will seem like a pause to some but a reset for us.  Our interior changes will allow us to shop for beautiful paint, tile and finishing(s). Now is the time where Pinterest is my BFF and having stylish Twindollicious girls makes it even more fun.


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