Manifest and Activate

I am calling this the most encouraging blog post because it is going to fill you in on what is happening in the TwinDollicious & Co / world of the author; Natasha D’Anna & Family, as well as fill you up with encouragement to activate your goals.

First, let’s dive in to the truth on how amazing it is to see longevity in things.

Think about it, when building  your credit you are ranked higher with longer relationships of consistent payments. Which brings me to the next truth which is consistency. When showing up with consistent familiarity your building a relationship, with yourself, and others. We have been ourselves for a long while now; right. It may be safe to say that we know what our favorite colors are, favorite food, even favorite restaurants in our favorite city’s if you have ventured out.

However can we say that we know our next moves in life, work or goals without hesitating? I find that many people struggle with this because they have the “5 year plan” question on their minds.  Many people do not believe in or even consider manifesting to be a practice or possibility for them. It is in many spiritual readings that you find this word and practice…it is not something of the new Millennial times.  It has been here and waiting for us to take control of our own targets and paths, just by visioning it.

Recently, I had the privilege to see my manifested visions come to life. It was not magic and I did not manifest over night. Instead it was a work up of time and consistency and the best part is that its not over.  I still have visions on where my journey shall take me in my career.  I specify career the visions are set to be one at a time… you cannot visions and speak on everything at one time. Just imagine yourself walking through a fun house maze of mirrors; you wouldn’t know which way to exit unless you focused on one at a time.  So my focus right now is career and counting the blessings that I can focus on this consistently ( stay in grace) .  I am sure you’re wondering what in the heck is this manifested miracle that took place…well… started when I joined club house.

I joined clubhouse with the intention to meet new people on a new platform and network. The networking did happen, and continues to happen because I continue to show up in my club “Publish Your Book” at least 2 times a month on Thursday at 8pm Est. CONSISTENCY

Through my now friendships I managed to connect with a book editor, author and coach Rea Frey , who is the girl for getting your traditional book proposal done. SO I DID THAT!  I finally completed a book proposal and put it out to literary agents. I have been visioning the day that I would do this. I have also been visioning the day that I would have a book agent and even a huge book deal with an even better NY Times Best Selling Book!  How about that for manifesting?

I also landed a book agent

You see, TwinDollicious & Co will always be our brand. The kiddos will be working within media.  The possibilities are endless to what I, myself or the girls can do with what we have built. However that did not stop me from stepping into what I believe is my purpose and promise to life. The work that I have done as a therapist is another layer of service and help that I can share with a community, and I am happy to do so with all of the hard work included. For now I celebrate this point of the target and continue to show up, ready for the things I have manifested.

If you are ready to set some intentions and manifest the vision that you have for yourself, practice consistency.  I will be opening up a live workshop that will teach you just how I began this journey.  The opportunity to join me and the small intentional group starts here .

NOTE: I almost left this post without further connection but then I realized that many of our readers are ready to level up in their community and work. You are the first invitation to this free Live Workshop!!

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