Keep the kiddos looking forward to the next holiday – Valentine’s Day

As a parent it is my responsibility to be the teacher of love; that is according to research. I will gladly take on that role with the climate of the world these days… Hello 2020-2021.

Everyday can seem like ground hog day , with remote learning, social distancing and half of our city shut down, but the one thing that I noticed is that spirits ring a little higher when something exciting is about to happen.  This is why I have taken the liberty to make every little holiday a celebration, a zoom opportunity a craft, baking or special cooking session. The emotional state for the children and adults during this time cane be a bit unstable.

Though Valentines Day is not a quote on quote holiday it did put us into the spirit of giving, connecting and celebration.  Besides what else is there between Christmas , Birthdays and the Easter Bunny ( or St. Patricks Day, Purim, Lunar New year among others that we unfortunately do not celebrate YET). I put together a few gifts that would be great for the kiddos and adults in your lives. I am also sharing how we took a dive into decorating the home and exploring ways to put ourselves in full LOVE mode.

Hot Cocoa Bombs have been all the craze this winter and we now know why!

Have fun watching them melt in a warmed cup of milk to see what’s inside. We purchased our cocoa bombs from a bakery and found yummy full sized marshmallows inside…..

   We could not forget about Galentines day so I sent a sentimental Hey Mama to my friends while the girls did a drop off of goodies and a fun zoom challenge using Snap Ships…. pictured below

Check out Snap Ships

Give the gifts that show you are listening!!

This NEW razor by Schick will be that perfect gift

ALSO take notice of our LOVE space.  Having a corner or space in the home that allows for transformation around the year will help keep yourself as well as the kiddos ready to look forward to something new.


  Self Love matters as well which is why trying this cleanse by Sakara Daily Essentials


  A book to spread Love to your Mindset Working Backwards


We Do Not need a reason to Be human or to Be Kind, but giving a gift to spread the word is super heartfelt. #BHBK masks

Keeping the spirits  high with some fun valentines day treat

Loving sentiments are an added mood booster thanks to Shop Sara Joy

We put a fun spin on the “Any two can be twindollicious” book set when collaborating with Lotto Love

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