It’s time to talk Back to school

July is the month when we usually get our supplies list out for school supplies and begin tackling the to do list for september. This year (2020) looks a bit different yet education still continues.

We are still in the midst of deciding if 💯 remote learning is for us or if a day or two in the classroom with peers will work best.

Though things are a little different this year we have began planning for back to school!

We wanted to share some of the ways we will be transitioning, along with some great products we love to use starting with our morning routine and breakfast.

Soon, we will begin waking up a bit earlier and having breakfast to start the day. I am so thankful that the kiddos love Egglands best egg whites.

This amazing muffin recipe is great for a bite size snack in the morning or on the go for lunch. The easy pour straight from the carton makes it even more simple to add in any extra veggies or cheese for additional protein.

There are some things that we have began to add into our routines now; like nighttime facial cleansing and daytime on the go vamousse Lice spray and mousse.

Having 9 year old twin girls means help tween years. It’s at this time that self care and beauty become important part of their healthy lifestyle. The CleanandClear products have always been my go to since I was a tween, which made it great to have the new products available to my girls. The bursts of vitamin c in the daily facial wash, complete with a delicious scent of orange keeps a clean fresh feel throughout the day after using the NEW morning burst cleanser daily. The best part of the face washes is that they’re oil free and can be found at your local walmart stores.

We also attended several virtual meetings to help us navigate through either remote learning or school attendance. One of our favorite conversations happened over at Back to School Bash hosted by Sherri Schubert Events We took a look at an at home class room could look like thanks to Staples products along with how that space could be organized with a personal touch with the help of mabel’s Labels. The main take away we all discussed is that showing up for school is motivational whether at home or attending in a traditional classroom setting. The motivation that runs high in our home is feeling good from the inside out which is why We also loved discovering the Joules clothing company. It’s an international company that makes the most luxurious wellies. we look forward to dressing up for a purpose and attending school in our best way, come September.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet all opinions and experiences are of my own.

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