International women’s month dedication


This international women’s month dedication is giving recognition to trailblazer women like madam, CJ walker, Maya Angelou, and mother Teresa.

A mom without a child from her womb, yet a mother to all. She was a woman above all who nurtured like no other, she taught others, who were blessed to know her the gift of love. The gift of love is said to be taught by women. The act of love is embraced, and released in behaviors by all, including men.

 This post is a dedication to women .,,,,,so back to trailblazing. There are many women who currently create in creative spaces, such as product-based brands, owned by women in the self – care industry, which is covered with talented women of color. These women have created hair brands, beauty and product based markets for all women.  The woman may have had the realization that it was not going to be easy….., yeah, but it’s pretty safe to say that many of the brands currently in beauty, hair and self-care, know the story of Madame CJ Walker.

She was the first black millionairess, and she invented the world’s first hair-straightening formula and/or the hot comb.

Maya Angelou is a trailblazer who covers many creative spaces, genre and lifestyle. Her journey was so current that 10 year old in 2023 imitate her. The education of a woman with a shining light and message for many ; as she was an educator.  The voice of a woman with a shining light and message from Nanny because she was a speaker with the ability to live and altruistic lifestyle filled with an authentic reputation.  Her guided late continues to shine through her books and relationships. That’s all a story for generations and generations to come.  Let me help you find your author voice.

Step by Step guide to Self publishing children’s Books and Branding

today women are standing together to support each other and standing in the presence of time I myself will continue to show up for my community and the women I serve . Maybe you are a mom or woman who worked her whole life to contribute for a good. You started a family and wanted to be your authentic self without losing  control. There is something in you and you’re ready to take the next step so before the excuses of finding the time begins, let’s make the time….,,,the time is now Happy international women’s month!!

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