ID tech Online Virtual Stem Camp

What is Virtual iD Tech Online STEM Camp And Lessons ?

It’s what we all need right now for us as parents as well as for the kiddos. It is the original tech camp, that teaches children all things tech; from Coding a mobile app, Designing your own video game, producing a viral video to discover the secrets of cryptography. The flagship program features over 30 innovative courses, that have been creatively curated to blend world-class instruction with fun camp activities. Each session lasts one week.  During this memorable week children learn, and explore, build new skills in team work as well as make friendships that last long after the camp.

If your child enjoys the steady flow of a routine and learning something new they are more than likely involved in a stem program or two already and if not, iD Tech is the best place to begin.  Whether the learning is happening in a traditional school or in a private sector, iD tech is the place where you take away tangible knowledge as well as a product to share.

Classes are available for children ages 7 to 17, and include a wide range of offers.  The instructors are available via virtual class or in physical attendance at the various locations.

Why waste the summer away when -iD Tech is there to offer its  #1 STEM summer program for ages 7-17?


In 1999,  iD Tech became the first tech camp for kids and teens. That’s over 20 years of reaching 450,000 alumni, as well as new students across the globe. Within this time they have grown from 280 to 50,000 students per year in locations around the world and online.

Having 9 year old girls, who participate in Stem programs loved the idea to join a Tech program where they could create their own gaming app.

Courses are co-ed one week long sessions:


The 62 on campus experiences can be easily accessed by first visiting the id Tech to request a Brochure

There are 25 on-line private lessons and on campus programs that are currently held at 150 prestigious campuses worldwide, from Stanford University and NYU to Caltech and University of Cambridge.  You are sure to find a location within driving distance from your home.

If a location is hard to find in your area, please be sure that your 1:1 online instruction experience will be twice as good!

Kennedy has always been curious about the make up of games and coding. She enjoys the current games that she plays with her friends and siblings.  The tech part of constructing scores and character avatars are her favorite, so when we discovered id Tech she immediately wanted to participate in a class.  With remote learning and home school in full swing, days are longer and downtime became available to join a class.  She chose the Game Developer build an action platform from scratch.  After choosing her course, she was assigned an awesome instructor and scheduled their first meet shortly after. 

Its a great way to make this summer count with a week or more at iD Tech! You can enroll and enjoy $125 off by using code Natasha125 at signup.


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet all opinions are based on our personal experiences. Thank you for supporting TwinDollicious & Co. 

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