How To Enjoy A MOM’s Night Out with Friends

If it’s been a while for you, you’re going to enjoy just how our Moms night out include the realization of mom life with a splash of adult-ing. The wonderful ladies of Momtrends and Parents Magazine hosted a fabulous party in the early evening, mid week just for us Moms.

Yes, taking a time out mid week for 2-3 hours is the best time ever!

We were all treated to a closer look at what unfolds in creating some of the most delicious foods, yummy scents and lifestyle hacks in the latest Parents Magazine.

Some key takeaways include just how to create an awesome dessert for the kiddos using simple everyday ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket or your cupboards.

Like these guys: marshmallows, sweet tarts, edible markers, peanut butter (or chocolate frosting) kiwi, melon

– Also the importance of aromas. How can we set our mood and start the day with the right home and personal scents. The latest issue of Parents Magazine provides all the tips; while we hand selected a personal scent that included combinations from floral, to citrus to create a new scent.

Now, onto a scent and skin conditioning for the little ones. If you haven’t prepared your body or your baby’s body for the season change; your skin is going to love you even more once you begin using Baby Dove .

Did you know : Babies are born with a living protective layer of microflora on their skin, known as their microbiome. This works to maintain skin’s health while also helping with skin’s natural protection and nourishment. 

    • Baby Dove is uniquely made with prebiotic moisture and 100% skin-natural nutrients to gently nourish your baby’s delicate microbiome.

As moms we are here to protect all that’s natural in our babies and protecting the microbiome can avoid many break outs and build ups.

With cold and flu season fast approaching it was great to see how much Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes is cherished in all of our homes. They are the go to when it comes to tackling life’s messes – from spilled glitter glue to finger paint – while removing germs, bacteria and countless other 🤢 yucky’s you may find lurking in your home. I’ve even began to teach the girls how to keep their spaces tidy daily to avoid the build up of bacteria.

Backed by popular belief; clean spaces serve as a springboard for kids’ creativity – helping them to embrace both creative play and work.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet all opinions are of my own.

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