Hot Mom Summer Camp – Trips & Places to go!


Initially I set out to write this blog post as a way to remember Summer 2021.  If ever we were struck with another pandemic I would go into this capsule and re write the plans for the summer.

Many are calling it the HOT MOM Summer!

Confidently pose:

I’m here to say that yes mom’s have been blessed with another super hero cape after home schooling ALL YEAR, so we shall all take the title HOT MOM’s with a blend of confidence and own it as we serve up tons of fun!!

As we count down the days to the official first day of Summer, more businesses and attractions are opening up which means more opportunities to get outdoors. The kiddos are so excited to begin making plans with friends!

As we cautiously move out of our bubbles it’s great to plan as well as we can in order to avoid the overwhelm. The first thing I did was connect with what we enjoyed doing pre pandemic. We took a family poll to see if everyone was on board the same track ….. the options were

1. summer camp (part time)

2. online activities (enrichment learning programs)

3. Mom camp with a blend of staycations

Everyone chose 2 & 3 so mama began planning out our calendar.

We were super excited to make our first day trip the Liberty Science center! We met up with our besties and met the newest Dino 🦕 SUE ! You’ll love the exhibit!!

We’re giving away 4 tickets to any reader who can guess what kind of Dinosaur SUE may be 🎫 LSC

Staycations can be a bit fun for us because, part time we are close to the happiest place on earth. For all of our Floridian friends and family, Disney World had to be on our list as well as the Water Rapids water park.

On the last day of school for our friends in Florida we took the day to splash around Rapids Water Park . After spending the morning and afternoon learning remotely we packed our pool bag and went outdoors.

Guess who labeled this “The Best Day Ever!” It was an end of the week – made for momma and the kiddos. Water parks are #1 on our list for day trips in the summer.

A trip to Disney World is usually marked by a celebration or family vacation. This is why our whole family of five needed to be there to celebrate this adventure! We noticed so many graduates, just as V & K are celebrating their elementary school graduation this year. It was a perfect pre celebration staycation to Disney.

Moms Camp is in full swing!

As stated above Water parks are great for day trips which is why we added DiggerLand new water park and rides to the list. The park is now open daily 10-6pm and the NEW water PARK is all the fun. It’s small, intimate setting is easy to navigate. The kiddos have a choice of 3-4 areas including slides, lazy river and baby splash pad/pool to explore.

When planning out your summer fun we must always consider the weather. This is why we’re super excited to announce to our friends in the tri state area that Lego Land discovery and Sea life New Jersey at American Dream in NJ has opened.

Let’s just say that you can’t experience one without the other!

We started with the Lego Land Discovery on the left! Take a look inside of what we discovered.

For the under the sea and Aquarium adventurers take the trip the under the sea life! Here’s is what we discovered — 🐠

Looking forward to more beach days, carnivals and playgrounds plus a Long Summer!

Happy Summer Dolls

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