Cute and Easy Octonauts: Above and Beyond Scavenger Hunt

Cute and Easy Octonauts: Above and Beyond Scavenger Hunt

Did your littles catch the new episode of the Octonauts: Above & Beyond now streaming on Netflix?

I am one of those parents who has been watching the Octonauts and all of their adventures for 7 + years! So, it was super exciting to see Bash enjoying the show as much as his sisters did. 

Though, I must say that he takes it up a notch with his imagination. He is one of those children who finds something they love and wants to experience it to the fullest. 

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As I mentioned, we recently caught the first episode of Octonauts: Above & Beyond. The girls watched it with us too and could name all of the characters. It was so nostalgic for me as a mom! You can watch the full season HERE on Netflix by the way.

Once we were finished watching the show, Bash asked if he could rescue some sea animals and creatures. My immediate response was of course we can pretend to rescue some animals who are in trouble. I love encouraging his imaginative ideas! 


He really took his love for the ocean, and animals in general, to a whole new level when he discovered some baby clams on shore. So this Octonauts: Above & Beyond play idea was especially fitting considering where his interests lie these days.

So, I thought heading to the beach and surrounding areas to have a scavenger hunt to find sea and land creatures would be a great idea. The plan was to find creatures that needed to be rescued and report back to the Octonauts…We, of course, used toys as we would never want to disturb real animals in their natural habitat.

It was so amazing to see my 5 years old taking imaginative play to the next level like this. I love that he is able to play out the adventures and fun facts he’s learned from his favorite show!  


If your little one is a fan of Octonauts they are going to love Octonauts Above & Beyond too. I promise! Since the Octonauts’ adventures move onto land in this show, there are so many great new land-based animals for them to identify and learn about.  

By taking our scavenger hunt to the beach and the land by it, we really got both the land and sea experience!

Since I’m sure pretend play is as important to you as it is to me for children in important developmental stages, I wanted to share some easy ideas to help you bring Octonauts: Above & Beyond to life with a real life Scavenger hunt. 

Our scavenger hunt was focused on helping his favorite Octonauts characters find the animals above land that they have started to rescue. We took the love of underwater adventure and mixed it with land-based animals like sea turtles that walk on land as well as swim in the water.

Here is a fun checklist and some clues to create your own scavenger hunt…

Remember to:

1. Find a location close to home that resembles the Octonauts’ fun adventurous locations. (NOW above land and beyond).

2. Really get into the spirit of things by dressing up as your favorite Octonauts character.

3. Create a fun set of Octonauts: Above & Beyond clues to place around the location.

4. Bring a box, bag or net to help rescue and collect the toy animals that children can use in their pretend play.

5. Set up a trail or path to stay on course.

6. Have fun pretending to rescue your toy animals.

7. Celebrate your rescues by watching Octonauts: Above & Beyond and enjoying a treat when you get home.

And the fun doesn’t have to end there. Check out this cute printable that you can use to continue the conversation with your kiddos about land-based animals:  


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