Cool Makers NEW Hollywood Hair Extension Maker


Are you up for a fun, easy and stylish D.I.Y?

You’re going to love the Cool Maker’s NEW Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. It is the only DIY studio that lets you design and create your own hair extensions. The simple 1,2,3 steps are easy to follow on repeat.

V & K love the up-do trend and all of the endless possibilities that are the result of up do styles, which is why the Hollywood Hair extension maker is the perfect fit.

The Hollywood Hair Extension Maker is the only DIY studio that lets you design and create your own hair extensions. The diy is definitely the cool part. The Maker comes with 12 ribbons that are placed inside of the machine to become just like strands of hair. The simple 1,2,3 step process to a fabulous hair style that includes hair extension are indeed simple.

Step 1: choose your favorite ribbon style and color

Step 2: Get extra creative and color your ribbons with additional designs

Step 3: place 1 ribbon at a time into the machine and watch the magic happen.

Step 4: After you have chosen a hairstyle you may begin styling and adding the extensions where ever you see fit.

Hair transformations are always exciting but it’s even more exciting when you’re able to DIY and add fun colors!

You can also have a DIY Hollywood Hair extension style day by picking up a studio kit at your local

Target:🎯 Only $24.99 at Target

Walmart:👜 $24.97 at Walmart

Amazon: 💻 Buy it online at Amazon for $24.97

Cool Makers Nee Hollywood Hair extensions can be styled with your hair up or down, curly or straight. We were excited to see that there are curly hair style options being that V & K both have naturally curly hair. They did however choose to do an up do style that included a bit of curl, straight and braiding for blending with their own hair.

The curling was the most curious yet exciting part of styling. It’s a simple step that requires running the ribbon through the machine, adding the strands to the roller and stick, next spraying water onto the roller and waiting until it is dry. Once it’s dry it’s an amazingly perfect curl that can be added to your hair.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Babbleboxx on behalf of Spinmaster, yet all experiences and opinions are of my own

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