Check in with your spiritual side

A long time ago I questioned our being and purpose for this earth. To be completely honest I was the child who stayed up late at night thinking about god, life and death.

I was introduced to the practicing belief of god from a friend when I was a teenager. I am forever grateful for this direction because it lead me to continue my belief in a higher power, which then gave me the strength to believe in myself even more.

Now, I know that we don’t cover the topic of spirituality here on the blog as much but we do encourage seeking confidence in our highest self which includes tapping into our spiritual side.

The way we show up for life each day; be it style, food that we eat, self care , the way we treat and give to others all stems from our inner self.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in a mobile pop up bus with Gabby Bernstein for a campaign with Air wick (the brand) and I couldn’t believe how the universe had lead me to an almost 1 on 1 with Gabby. We had a brief meditation session, spoke a little about mom life which then lead to an invitation to her 2 day workshop in NYC on Aug 10th and 11th. Immediately after attending, I purchased her new book Super Attractor (which i’m excited to receive).

I share this story because my personal history with Gabby began long before that meeting on the pop up bus.

My difficult pregnancy with the twins required for me to be on bed rest for over 25 weeks. Within those 25 weeks I remember glancing over at the cable box every time the clock hit 11:11. I didn’t understand the message. I never understood why, didn’t have any prior knowledge of what this meant. Fast forward to after the girls were born on 12/31/2010 at 10pm leaving me wide awake with excitement until the next day 1/1/11 I now know that the angels were there watching over those babies and myself everyday.

I began my journey of writing , blogging and publishing my first children’s books with the help of my beliefs. My first steps included me reaching out to the internet world for resources on pursuing dreams and healthy practices. This lead me to Gabby Bernstein amongst others.

This right here, is why I shared my personal story with her on our first meeting. I believe that anyone who has a connection with their spiritual side and need to reach within to release it all needs a meeting with Gabby’s As Super Attractor releases she will be popping up across the country. You can catch her live in NY on 9/24 (7-9 pm) or Join LIVE with the link to watch from home.

There are so many things that we can manifest. I can go on with the many instances that have manifested and will share more as the next chapter of our TwinDollicious & co stories continue. We are all capable of writing our own stories. I started by showing up as my most Altruistic self.

I continue to live and practice this way of life, and look forward to giving you the opportunity to share your story with what we will be offering very soon. Learn More by adding yourself to our email list and be the first to know when the doors open.

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