Changing the narrative for our children

On May 25th 2020, the narrative to our history books took a turn. George Floyd of Minneapolis was killed by police officers while the a cell phone recording captured it all.

His death did not go unnoticed. It actually impacted many lives beyond his family and friends. It started a movement that covered countries beyond the US soil. Movements that connected friends, families, strangers, and overall the good from the bad. The death of one man opened up the legal dialogue, racial dialogue, equality and humanity.

To see the people of our country come together for the greater good is awesome! The children of today deserve to have responsible adults leading the way. They deserve to learn the positive points of history and life before the negative. With every action there is a reaction, which is why teaching history of black Americans to children in the most diverse way is a promising positive position.

Let’s stop sharing the stories of oppression as a beginning narrative and rather share the strengths and success. Let’s tell the story from present to past. Let’s celebrate how far we have come as black people and let’s share our history and culture with others as citizens of USA united. Having pride is contagious. Human beings alway want to stand next to the proud people, learn from the proud people and understand how they come so far.

I wanted to share current successes and successful people of color who are making a way to change the narrative, but first let’s understand why Juneteenth exists and why . 1619 isn’t taught in schools.

Children’s books/ authors to learn from

Mixed Me

No pelo Malo Existe

Childrens Books to read

Today’s figurative painting /painters

Artists of today

Travel to Bermuda and enjoy the cultural part of it

As I share these messages and information I would like to state that we cannot stop here. Adapting life into your own culture takes times. You have to enjoy it and embrace it. Learn the lessons, take the test and never forget it. Guide your children with a heart filled vision first. I say this with so much love because this is how I promise to continue to raise my children as a mom… what we do as a family.

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