School is in Session!!

The first week of school included lots of emotions and the start of something new. All of the talks in the world could not prepare my little kindergartner for the daily attendance of school.

In fact he requested to go to computer school!

Well this rang a bell in me and opened up my thoughts to connect with some of the amazing resources and brands that we know of. Coincidently one of the great brands were Mederma which helped with Bash’s first spill in the playground. Which happened during a hard drop off…. no worries.

“The scars are a visible part of our past” Mederma

We reduced the possible sights of a scar plus the fear of putting medicine on booboos to bed thanks to Mederma . Mederma, is the number one recommended brand that treats children, thanks to pediatricians, doctors, pharmacists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The product is made of a triple action formula that uniquely penetrates beneath the skin to visibly reduce the signs of a scar. By the 2nd and 3 rd application of the day Bash happily held his hand out to add Mederma to his boo boo.

Right now we’re onto living in the memory of the first week of school blues and happier than ever.

With the help of MyWish4U . The cutest and most lovable notes created by a mom to show her daughter how much she thought of her during the day. This mom thinks like so many of us moms which is why I am excited to fill each one of the kiddos bags with a joke , brain teaser , cool fact, giggle or personal note. There are 101 colorful unique single slide printed lunch notes. s these notes are so inexpensive as they retail for $4.99 . This is so well worth every smile and every penny!

Getting the twins ready for middle school was so much easier! I knew that they were authentically excited to go back and have school in session. However a special addition of a gift or their favorite things keeps the excitement levels up, as well as challenges them to do what they love. In their case STEM has been the expression of their creative outlets. The Stem Like A Girl Book filled with 15 do it yourself (or with friends) experiments. inspired their creativity even more.

Stem education is so important amongst young girls. It provides more room for equal learning opportunities which leads to more growth within the creativity community.

V immediately tried the dissecting of strawberries experiment

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored. y Babbleboxx yet all opinions and experiences are of our own.


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