5 Things to do to put you on the brighter side of Covid19 & being quarantined

In the wake of the recent corona virus pandemic also know as covid19 I decided to sit down and have an at home conversation with the girls.

It’s 2020, they are 9 years old in the 4th grade and receiving lots of information from school and friends. Many parents are probably faced with the same scenarios so we’re sharing just what these 4th graders think about it all.

I began the talk about the virus as if it were any other wide spread virus without focusing on where it came from. I didn’t want to set a small picture in their minds; instead I wanted them to look at it as a virus that is effecting everyone the same way no matter where it may have started via animal, person etc. Thinking about it this way lead me to feel as if they would take all precautions to stay safe because 1 virus can be just as lethal as the next but never taken lightly because we may feel invincible.

Now on a lighter note: Their reactions were pretty understanding in a way that they understood the importance of clean hands, germs, staying healthy without medicine. However when I mentioned possible death for people. They became afraid and asked if schools would close to clean the building or if the city would be under quarantine like Italy.

My response added ease by explaining the underlying cause of death to the illness, as reported… however we should not take it lightly because it can be passed along.

As they continued to ask questions we began to make a possible ” escape plan “but just for humor in the situation, because we are all in this together.

We did a little research (very minimal) on all of the healthy things to eat to boost immunity. After this search we began to check cabinets and make lists along with these fun playlist of songs you can sing while WASHING YOUR HANDS !

Gloria Gaynor singing “I will survive”

“Happy Birthday”

“your toxic” Britney Spears

“Staying Alive” Bee Gees

“Love on Top” Beyoncé

The food list includes ginger, elderberry, blueberries , tumeric, chamomile is great for tea blends, vitamin c (lemons) , and water. We also learned that because germs dislike humidity , a running humidifier in the home would be great.

Once we were done with the list, the girls took the conversation a bit further and began imagining what it would be like to be quarantined for a period of time and what they would do.


1. Home decorating was first on the list thanks to this inspirational piece

This plan included the girls moving into their own rooms, painting walls teal and neutral colors with fancy wall decor (like above photo). They talked about separating bunk beds and adding working desks as well as a recording area for videos in one of their rooms.

2. Lots of home schooling: working on lessons in the morning with reading after. Somehow, I feel as if they’ve spoken about this home schooling option before. Or perhaps it’s a great plan to shop for new BOOKS. They even referenced a couple of apps that we’ve used to prep for tests such as

Adventure Academy HERE ( Enjoy the 2 months for $5 Winter Sale)

Revolution Math HERE

ABC Mouse (Toddlers and early learners)


3. play dates on line with virtual d.i.y.’s. while in group chat. Their topics to cover were online art challenges, creating and editing video, TIK TOK Dance challanges because how can you create a MOOD without music and a book club.

4. Work out time to stay fit, self care and fun at home spa opportunities was on the list. Workouts online are so accessible with apps like PVolove ( ENJOY THE 14 DAY FREE trial) and cross flow where everyone in the home can all get involved.

5. Last on the list but super important was the cooking fun! we discussed recreating yummy recipes like delicious ice pops using fruit, vitamin C , healthy juice blends. Their favorite food which is Pizza 🍕 was added to the list, with different blends such as fig, and ginger.

We will be staying close here but socially isolated for a bit


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