5 Reasons why we should not count 2020 out

As a believer in the message I wanted to share some things  that I believe need to be put out into the world. Yes, there are many of us who are goal setting once again, wishing 2020 away because of all of the fear and bad, checking off the to do’s list if previous goals were accomplished.  These are the usual practices that we’ve come to know and perform. However, when we look at 2020 as a whole it was not just a year of the unthinkable but a year of learning.

A few things that I have learned were to not goal set for the entire year but to goal set in quarters.

Also, not to wish a year away. If you’re blessed to see each day and experience enough life to teach and share something special with someone else then it was worth the year. Let’s bring this back to the current and present time.

2020: in a whole was a whirlwind; from covid, to diversity within in our country (& worldwide), to moments of truth (some hurtful truth at times but truth) , life, death, and change. Change is the one thing that we can learn from. Many lives were lost, yet families grew stronger. We ask ourselves how can anyone survive the losses that have been endured. Yet, it’s possible and it’s only the individuals that have experienced these things are the ones who can you tell how and when they grew stronger. Sharing our experiences with each other are the greatest gifts that we can give.

The 5 reasons why we should not wish 2020 away are:

family & friends: Many families are together however relatives are extended due to living situations but knowing that your family is safe means the world. Being able to check in and drive by or send a care package should be the most uplifting and heartwarming thing that we can do for each other. If your family and relatives have survived the Covid 19 pandemic (which isn’t yet over) and 2020 in a whole than that is something to appreciate.  Remember, moving into 2021 friends are important; your circle is important, as they are the family we choose.

strength : Having the strength to endure change and adapt to all of the changes 2020 sprung upon us is something to be thankful for. Strength may come from within or from those amazing people and partners that we can lean on.  Though it is always best rely on our own strength first having a support group or mastermind of wonderful people can make days/a year like 2020 acceptable. Finding the strength to adapt to and make changes based on what life has taught us this year will make 2021 even stronger.

Health : 2020 may have been the first year some people have put their health first in their whole lives. Having the research and scientists, doctors, nurses at our fingers daily was  blessing.  Everyone around the world have shown their gratitude for the work that they do. If you were proactive in learning from your experiences whether having covid or not, underlying issues or just boosting up your immune system to help others you earned something. Lets not forget the fact that wearing a mask may have saved lives, so cheers to 2020!! As we proceed to wear masks into 2021.

Knowledge: The things that we learned from this year may take us into generations beyond. If you were brae enough to embrace things than you probably kept notes, tried new vitamins and even explored the possibility of taking a new vaccine.  Learning about ourselves include our health and sustainability to live. The main vitamins that I neglected before 2020 were ginger root, vitamin C (yes C) and B.  Getting to know what weakens and strengthens us as individuals may have played a major role in your survival of 2020. Stacking up on the healthier foods and vitamins for the entire family was first on the list for 2021.

Lifestyle : This includes literally the cleaning house. I always say there are certain things that I personally like to have prepped before heading into a new year and that is a happy vibe, clean house, organized mindset, a meal and surrounded by love. 2020 began with those things and more but leaving it behind was done with slow and steady movement. It makes me wonder if this is what 2021 will be slow and steady? How we live is considered a lifestyle and how you manifest your lifestyle depends on your actions. The intent here is to always show up and be accountable.  Consistency is the number one goal that has seemed to work on so many levels. Being consistent for the kiddos, in relationships, to myself (lets not forget about the promises that we mus make to ourselves…they mean the most) is what keeps your destined lifestyle on track.

Though 2021 has not been written yet, wouldn’t it be nice to write it ourselves and see how it all unfolds? I hope that some of these 5 key points in life stay with you and you’re able to write out your year and beyond.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, loving and prosperous New Year!

Leaving this Happy Birthday Video here because the twins celebrate their birth at the same time a new year is born. ITS A DECADE FOR THEM HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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