10 Reasons why Summer reading is important and our recommended books for your k-2nd grade children

WOW! Summer 2023 has been amazing!

It has also been a well balanced Summer of fun and staying within the growth parameters of including education and fun.

The best way to do this is to keep up with literary opportunities.  I remember my 2nd grade teacher telling me; right before Summer vacation to read everything.  You see, I believe that she understood that either every child was not going to have the opportunity to go tot the library or the books were not going to be picked up and encouraged to read at home. I get it! Summer should be all about fun, but what about making reading fun?  The teacher (Ms Katz.) advice was to read everything around us. I remember driving down to visit my grandparents and looking at every billboard and sign that I passed, jus to read it. I still continue to do this as an adult and encourage my children to do the same.

Thanks to the newest Disney Tim Burtons release of The Nightmare Before Christmas (Beyond Halloween Town ) and Bash’s love for Halloween; he was excited to grab this book and begin reading. …. so was his 12 year old sister.

Reading books during the summer break can be important for several reasons:

  1. Preventing Summer Slide: Summer break can lead to a loss of academic skills and knowledge, often referred to as “summer slide.” Reading regularly during the summer helps children maintain and even improve their reading abilities, preventing a decline in literacy skills.
  2. Building Vocabulary: Reading exposes children to a wide range of words and language patterns. The more they read, the more words they encounter, which helps expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  3. Improving Comprehension: Reading books, especially those that challenge children’s understanding, can improve their ability to comprehend complex texts, follow plots, and analyze characters and events.
  4. Cultivating Imagination and Creativity: Books expose children to different worlds, cultures, and perspectives. This stimulates their imagination, creativity, and empathy as they visualize characters and settings in their minds.
  5. Fostering a Love for Learning: Reading enjoyable and engaging books can foster a lifelong love for learning and reading. If children find reading pleasurable, they’re more likely to continue doing it throughout their lives.
  6. Enhancing Concentration and Focus: Reading requires sustained attention, which helps improve concentration and focus. This skill is valuable not only for academics but also for various aspects of life.
  7. Strengthening Critical Thinking: Many books pose challenges that require readers to think critically, analyze situations, and make predictions or connections. This helps develop cognitive skills that are essential for problem-solving and decision-making.
  8. Preparing for Future Academic Success: Strong reading skills are fundamental for success in many academic subjects. Reading during the summer keeps children engaged with learning and prepares them for the challenges of the upcoming school year.
  9. Bonding and Family Time: Reading can be a shared activity that brings families together. Parents and children can read together, discuss books, and share their thoughts, fostering communication and connections.
  10. Positive Screen Time Alternative: With the prevalence of digital devices and screens, encouraging children to read books provides a healthy alternative to spending excessive time on screens.

Ultimately, the key is to make reading an enjoyable and positive experience for children. Offering a variety of age-appropriate books that cater to their interests can make a significant difference in their summer learning and overall development.


Here are our newly recommended books from https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/ which are great and fun light story books for the kiddos school age k – 2nd grade


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